MBA or PM Certification

MBA or Project Management ?

I get asked this question a lot, especially from people who are interested in project management and an MBA as well. Well, Having completed my first project management certification years before my MBA. I would suggest that you should do an MBA. This is my reason, with an MBA you can understand and have an… Continue reading MBA or Project Management ?

Project Lessons

Using Project Management Templates

One of the many advantages of being a member of the Project Management Institute is the valuable resources, article and quality network of professionals you are connected to. As a project manager be it in a project oriented organisation or organisation that have temporary projects managing projects requires collaboration with not only the project people but also… Continue reading Using Project Management Templates


Project Excerpt: Hannover Messe CeBIT 2018

Photo: Opening speech time  If there is one place to find the most innovative tech ideas, investors and leading technology software, it has to be the Hannover CEBIT fair. The fair kicked off from the 12th of June and lasted a whole week. Although, I have attended one or two events in the past as… Continue reading Project Excerpt: Hannover Messe CeBIT 2018


PMI Leadership Conference: Project Management Lessons Berlin 2018

When the king and queens of Projects decided to host a project, you do not expect anything from them but excellence ! That was my take home from the Project Management Leadership Institute in Berlin in May, 2018. As a member of the Prestigious Project Management Institute, when the opportunity came up for the search for… Continue reading PMI Leadership Conference: Project Management Lessons Berlin 2018