Best ways to manage Digital Projects

Managing a project can be difficult, but managing digital projects can be a little bit overwhelming if you cannot measure the right parameters. The other day in one of my professional groups, someone asked if he needed new skills as a marketing manager in order to work as a digital marketing manager. Well, for a… Continue reading Best ways to manage Digital Projects

Leadership, Projects

Are Leaders Born or Made?

During my last year at the university, I remember one of the term projects was to discuss different leadership model available and during this time I got into a conversation of the question whether leaders are born or made? Well, be it a transformation leader or a transactional leader I believe our environment plays a… Continue reading Are Leaders Born or Made?


Understanding Technology and Health Projects

Last year I had the opportunity to work as a project support for the SORMAS Surveillance Outbreak Response Management System project. Although, I must say I am not a doctor but, as a project manager I see the use of technology in making life easier for people, especially when it come to health and outbreak management. If… Continue reading Understanding Technology and Health Projects


Project Excerpt: Hannover Messe CeBIT 2018

Photo: Opening speech time  If there is one place to find the most innovative tech ideas, investors and leading technology software, it has to be the Hannover CEBIT fair. The fair kicked off from the 12th of June and lasted a whole week. Although, I have attended one or two events in the past as… Continue reading Project Excerpt: Hannover Messe CeBIT 2018