The Project Management Lesson from COUSERA

Every year, hundreds of Start up businesses get the loan they need to promote their innovative ideas. However, very few of these businesses make it after a few years they kick-start their business. Some of these problems can be attributed to lack of funding, recruiting the wrong people, focusing on money rather than value. It could… Continue reading The Project Management Lesson from COUSERA

Quality of a project manager that you need.

Been a member of PMI has benefited me especially in pursuing a career fully in project management. However, looking back to the types of 'managers' I have worked with, I cannot agree less that leadership is a thought process. While some managers are slave drivers as explained by Alvin Lim productivity can be severely affected by the method a manager use… Continue reading Quality of a project manager that you need.

‘Quality is remembered, long after price is forgotten’ Aldo Gucci.

If you are not new to project management you will always remember the 5 elements of Project Management. Planning, Implementation, Execution, Control and Closure. To successfully manage a project be it a product launch, event or software change, A project manager must be able to coordinate the project especially when it is on a large scale.… Continue reading ‘Quality is remembered, long after price is forgotten’ Aldo Gucci.