Best ways to manage Digital Projects

Managing a project can be difficult, but managing digital projects can be a little bit overwhelming if you cannot measure the right parameters. The other day in one of my professional groups, someone asked if he needed new skills as a marketing manager in order to work as a digital marketing manager. Well, for a start, he understands how the key element of marketing is significant to the business. However, digital marketing can be a bit tricky if you don’t know how the result of your digital marketing plan should be, but it can be learnt.

The same goes for digital projects, it is easy to manage a team you see day to day because at least no one can pretend that they are playing candy crush during a long boring project report meeting. However, it may be hard to see who is really listening to you during a conference or skype call where you cannot see exactly what your team members are doing.

So exactly what is digital project management? It’s a streamlined procedure of overseeing web ventures from idea to actualization, it can also involve providing inside recommendation to a specific measure of the end result. It includes arranging, appointing, following, exploring, and estimating results — such projects are typically all done utilizing a project management software. The objective of each undertaking is extraordinary, yet the all-encompassing goal is to develop business and see a significant return on investment ROI from each venture. Such activities are also carried out mostly using project management software.

Digital project management comes in all shapes and sizes. They can include overseeing projects such as:

  • Building Websites
  • Mobile application
  • Video or video games
  • Content writing and copywriting
  • E-commerce sites
  • Social media marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Search engine optimization(SEO)

What are the best steps 

Digital projects are not the same as traditional project management. Regular projects may include managing construction site, building projects, it could also be managing educational projects.

Digital projects are flexible by their tendency: they’re effectively changed especially as a result of their end expectations. That is the reason project management standards are best for advanced task management. This guide spreads out how to oversee advanced activities from beginning to end. It covers the entire procedure from the minute a customer approaches you for project gauge to completing it and getting paid.

In the Beginning

The initial stage of digital projects requires the project manager to manages client, teams, communication as well as establishing the goals and scope of such projects. It covers customer screening, giving evaluations, kickoff project and reaching a mutual agreement an agreement.


The second part is about project management requires continuously the nuts and bolts and avoiding any loose ends. At the implementation stage of a digital project, continuous evaluation is needed. This evaluation should cover standard of the project, continuous project supervisor, managing bottlenecks and checking progress.

Managing everyone 

The third part dives into cooperation and completing things. It covers how to work together with customers and your group, what makes great a group. During this phase, as a project manager, you must already be aware of how to track time, issue solicitations and most importantly control the financial plan. Avoid scope creeps which can happen, because you are a thousand miles away from your team.

No one project is the same, sometimes as a project manager, the project is never always completed, or some other time the budget has been exceeded, and now your even asking for more funding. You are not alone, the best thing you can learn after delivering your project is to learn all the lesson you can learn. Take away the good experience and learn how to avoid other project pitfalls.

Managing expectations

Choosing the right communication platform, one time I worked on a project that had a team member in India, I was in Europe and it was always very had to find the appropriate time to have all the team on board because of the time difference. However, as time went by we had to reach a compromise by ensuring that the meeting times were not too early or too late.

Last but not the list, don’t forget to assess the risk of your project ! some people may be at the ‘not so good” end of your projects don’t ignore them.


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