Project Excerpt: Hannover Messe CeBIT 2018


Photo: Opening speech time 

If there is one place to find the most innovative tech ideas, investors and leading technology software, it has to be the Hannover CEBIT fair. The fair kicked off from the 12th of June and lasted a whole week. Although, I have attended one or two events in the past as well as worked with some of the partner company, I am yet to see projects as organised as CEBIT and CEMAT. There are no doubts the fair organizers have continued to refine the fair, engaging more sponsors, company and students. There are also on the spot job opportunities for graduates and students. (If you can convince the hiring manager).


Photo: The automatic printout card is still on of the coolest thing in CEBIT. 

Well apart from working for the GFV I got access to the whole duration of the fair. There were over 150-200 exhibitors showing their products and innovative ideas, some trying to find partners others looking for investors and me, just standing in awe of how organised the whole project is. Everything was organised and in details. Did I mention that there are over 24 exhibition hall, hall I mean not booths. Although there have been speculations that visitors of the the fair have continuously dropped and the fair has become more and more of people selling things rather than exchanging ideas and showcasing new products.

My first experience in CEBIT was in 2016, I barely new what the fair was about, except from some professor or desperate PHD students trying so hard to get their projects sponsored. But, now I think otherwise as CEBIT, yes if you have great ideas and looking for sponsorship, there are no thought you could impress an investor. Aside that it is a place to learn about how several industries this include transportation, health, fast moving consumer goods, sales and all the sectors you can think of are using digital technology to improve their products and life generally.


Photo: Turning CEBIT into amusement park SAP cloud cruiser coaster


I took a ride in this SAP cruise coaster , I guess it was a practical way of selling real life cloud services. your data is safe, accessible and downloadable any time. Did I leave out the street food. The food section was also properly coordinated from curry-wurst, pommes, pizza and finger foods, at almost every bend you can find food and drinks. Although somehow, some part of the hall looked scanty, I am not sure sale force had a fantastic color with their brand. I guess they are good at sales and not branding.


Photo: The CEBIT facecap

As a project person, one thing thing I can take away is that event project planning process requires great details, and when quality amount of work and planning is invested into the planning process, it becomes less complicated to implement.

See you see next time.


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