PMI Leadership Conference: Project Management Lessons Berlin 2018

When the king and queens of Projects decided to host a project, you do not expect anything from them but excellence ! That was my take home from the Project Management Leadership Institute in Berlin in May, 2018. As a member of the Prestigious Project Management Institute, when the opportunity came up for the search for volunteers I knew this was my shot not only to experience world class leadership concept. It was also an opportunity to learn how to manage a project that would host over 500 members from different part of the country.


First of all the event requires a pre-registration few months before the program kicks starts. By doing so, the proper amount of participants can be adequately catered for, avoiding excess or shortage of food, drinks and reducing he pressure of over crowded facilities. As a volunteer, I got to work with most of the regional directors who were responsible for presenting and addressing different chapters challenges. This challenges including attracting qualified members, retaining and actively engaging members. Ensuring also that all members are actively involved in the club growth. Not only that, different programs also are continuously been hosted by different local clubs this include but not limited to agile methodologies, time management, team management understanding how to best manage a project team.


2018-emea-07_77.jpg President

Photo: Mark Langley, President and CEO PMI

The Conference lasted for a total of 3days, I was opportune to work with some very interesting people. Our volunteer coordinator Toby May was exceptional not only did she have great leadership and team management spirit, she was able to carry everyone along during the seminar. Ensuring that the people assigned to presenters were readily available to provide onsite support for the team. The keynote speaker Sahar Hashemi was not only inspiring, she spoke about how she started one of the first coffee key chain franchise Coffee Republic in the UK in the early 90’s and how she eventually stepped down as a director and sold the company years after. She also shared a deep reflection how she wised she made a different decision looking back now.


2018-emea-14_42.jpg Team 2

Photo: Our team with Teresa May, Project Coordinator for the PMI Berlin Conference

Aside, the planning process that required a lot of work from our team, we also got a lot of support from the participants. They were very nice and corroborative and it was also not hard working with the board. I attended several small groups meeting discussing about club financial management process, engaging and discovering great club volunteer and using digitization to manage clubs, projects and member. I must confess it was an eye opener for me. Learning about the project management values and how these values are used to create products for members.

2018-emea-07_98.jpg Nigerian Team Photo: The Nigerian PMI President, Area Director Membership President and Board Members

Handling an event project requires great planning, the integration of each session was seamless. There was an app designed majorly for the conference were you can see all the sessions, who is speaking, the topic and where you can find the room of the small groups. In addition participants can send real time updates on the app allowing everyone to participate fully in the event.

Last but not the least, the food was great. From the tea break, to lunch and dinner networking. Everything was hosted in one building which reduced the frequency of people traveling back and forth to attend a meeting. The next conference will be hosted in Dublin and I am looking forward to it.

Disclaimer: All pictures are property of the PMI Institute, credits  Official Photographer of the PMI Institute


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