Productivity and Time Management

Is there a relationship with productivity and time management ? Not sure, my first job as a company secretary with Zortek systems, I hard a boss who always made me write a list of all the responsibility and task I was suppose to complete for each day. At the end of each day we did a review ticking out which of the task was accomplished. Moving on several years after I have come to learn the advantage of making a list of all important task, and also not the important once the one you do not consider relevant as well.

Productivity is the art of doing more with the time, money and resources at your disposal

So how will you achieve more with all the resources that you have ? So here are some of my take of how to go about been productive.

Have a list: Yes, having a list has not gone out of fashion. That is why in project management, there are multiple templates used to measure a lot of variables when starting or even in the middle of a project. There is the project template checklist, weekly project report, communication report template etc. These template helps to provide and clarify who is responsible for a task. With a list, you can also measure at the end of each day or week, depending of your choice of evaluation, how far you have gone in completing a task. In addition to that, you can also measure how much of your activities have been completed, what is pending and what has not been done. So, do not have it all figured out in your head, write it down !

Change your attitude: While I was in school, every one knew the definition of culture, It was not hard to define. “It was simply the way of life” the ability to understand your personal bias, set ways, idiosyncrasies, strengths, weaknesses, and how it prevents you from getting things done is one of ways to discover how you have been hindering your self from been productive. When I started working as a consultant, one of my responsibility was to write and post job description and job analysis on the company’s website. I hated the idea of writing, it required me doing a lot of research, finding out what the key skills requirement was and putting them into a particular template. I always wanted to avoid the task, unfortunately there was no one to assign this task to !  so I did it anyways, But over the years I have come to discover that if you must make changes in life, you need to leave your comfort zone and do things that would improve your intellectual skills. Today not only do I enjoy carrying out research, I have come to embrace writing.

Be creative: Too often times I hear creative people are restless, they are always looking for new ways to do things. I do not subscribe to been restless, but I will employ you to find creative way to do things. If you wake up to read email, especially the one that are not relevant to your daily goals your productivity is been reduced. Be creative by creating a folder and prioritizing what is for now and what is for latter.


Photo Credit: The Creative Exchange 

Innovative opportunities to enhance productivity come in many forms. It could be the successful creation, implementation, reuse and/or improvement of an existing IT or business process that reduces costs, enhances productivity, increases company competitiveness, or provides other business value. My grandfather still used the old map when ever he wants to travel, he makes a line from his travel route to his destination. However, I simply do not have the luxury of time to do that I just punch the address in the navigator and drive. I would not recommend my grandpa’s  model.

Finding these innovative solutions requires a willingness to look at your existing daily operational processes with a critical eye — even if you were the one who originally designed them. Albert Einstein had a quote saying that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” That is to say, you must think about your processes from different perspectives if you wish to improve them.

Communication: Constantly interrupting or not communicating clearly can have an adverse effect on your productivity. One time I asked my mum to help me get ride of a box of cloths I was not using anymore having separated the cloths, putting the cloths for laundry in a different box. I got back home only to discover that my mum gave out the cloths in the laundry bag. I guess there was a miscommunication somewhere. I had to look for ways to buy new set of cloths that weekend. Imagine the amount of money I hard to spend. Constantly also checking your email especially those ones offering a get away trip for $200 is a trap. The moment you click on it, you will have spent time you are still struggling to manage on an irrelevant email.

Delegate: If you are a micro manager and a perfectionist, this would come as a challenge for you. Certain task are not worth committing your time to. For example rather than choosing to design a meeting agenda by yourself have someone do a draft, and then review that would save you a lot of time. Also, trying to be frugal in spending can also affect your productivity. If you can delegate a task at a certain cost without compromising on quality if it better than trying to save cost and at the end the result is not good enough.

Hopefully you have learnt something from this post.



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