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Are Leaders Born or Made?

During my last year at the university, I remember one of the term projects was to discuss different leadership model available and during this time I got into a conversation of the question whether leaders are born or made? Well, be it a transformation leader or a transactional leader I believe our environment plays a… Continue reading Are Leaders Born or Made?


How to Avoid Social Media overdose as a Startup

The excitement experienced during the light bulb moment of a fantastic idea for any idea developer or idea owner if asked, is probably not the same when it comes to implementing it. The digital marketing plan for your Startup-up weekend: Ensuring your Startup survives could along the road become overwhelming. Trust me, having worked for myself,… Continue reading How to Avoid Social Media overdose as a Startup


Startup-up weekend: Ensuring your Startup survives

The knowledge and skills you have after participating in a 54hour startup boot camp is nothing compared to what you will learn from any book you will read, (There are few exceptions). My career as a project manager, recruiter or idea owner, I would say has taken a different turn after a 54 hours intensive… Continue reading Startup-up weekend: Ensuring your Startup survives


Understanding Technology and Health Projects

Last year I had the opportunity to work as a project support for the SORMAS Surveillance Outbreak Response Management System project. Although, I must say I am not a doctor but, as a project manager I see the use of technology in making life easier for people, especially when it come to health and outbreak management. If… Continue reading Understanding Technology and Health Projects